Take control of the traffic on your network.
With the emerging "Internet of Things", traffic on your network has never been more pervasive. Looking for network visibility and control that is simple, intuitive and secure?
Application Filter Bandwidth Device Discovery
DNS Reporting and Blacklists Geo-IP and Connection Tracking Protocol Filter

What is Netify?

Netify is a new product from the same team that developed ClearOS. It's a cloud-based, flow analyzer and cybersecurity tool for small and mid-sized networks.

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How Netify Works

Like to know how things work before trusting them on your network? We do too. Click on the "Learn More" link to get a full explanation of the inner workings of Netify.

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How To Get Netify?

Netify is currently in private beta. If you would like to participate in the beta program, you will need to be running ClearOS 6 or 7 or a derivative of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 or 7. Use the link below to request access.

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Netify Roadmap

The eGloo development team is just getting started... there are many features we want to implement, and certainly, there will be many ideas coming from the userbase and community as Netify evolves.

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