About Us

eGloo is made up of a small team of dedicated professionals with experience and education in software development, engineering, project management and network infrastructure. We each have over 20 years experience delivering software solutions to a wide variety of clients and industries.

What We Do

Our core vision is to intelligently integrate and develop solutions for autonomous networks and The Internet of Things (IoT). Our software solutions provide infrastructure to support innovative services to swarms of devices in the world of always-on Internet. Today, our robust infrastructure processes millions of device requests every month.


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Netify is Affordable Network Intelligence

Netify provides visibility into the traffic on your network along with the option to take an active role
in managing undesirable traffic on your network.

Application & Protocol Detection

Using a combination of deep packet inspection (DPI), certificate inspection and DNS matching, Netify accurately identifies traffic on your network

Device Discovery

Continuously identifies devices on the network by MAC, vendor and OS which can then be assigned to a user/group or tagged.

Bandwidth and Connection Tracking

Identify high traffic consumers and be alerted to suspicous traffic as determined by GeoIP and a blacklist of known malicious sites

ClearOS Network Infrastructure

ClearOS is an open-source, Linux-based OS platform that is designed from the ground up to be extensible. ClearOS provides any combination of network, gateway and server functionality to small/medium sized business, non-profit organizations, education/government and distributed enterprise.

Supporting best-in-class open source and 3rd party applications through one secure, intuitive web interface and API, ClearOS is about choice - giving customers the ability to run services on-premise or in the cloud, or both - "Hybrid Technology".

eGloo provides end-to-end solutions to provision, connect, deploy and manage Linux-based systems in the field. Customers can focus on creating their appliance-based products and we'll take care of centrally managing and maintaining those appliances.

Meet the Team

Benjamin Chambers

Peter Baldwin

Darryl Sokoloski

What some of our clients say about eGloo


Absolute Professionals

The eGloo team are absolute professionals. I have worked with them for almost 15 years and have always been impressed with their customer service, knowledge, and focus on providing the best possible solutions for my company. I would recommend eGloo to any company or customer.


J. Perdikoulias


Trusted Technology Partner

Since 2003, we have trusted the eGloo team members to recommend, develop and host infrastructure in providing services to our products. They have always demonstrated professionalism and responsiveness.

Lorex by Flir

N. Kanapathipillai


Platform for WikiSuite

At WikiSuite, we've been working with the eGloo team to standardize on a known, stable Linux platform in ClearOS. Having direct access to developers who work in both the framework and Marketplace applications has had a significant impact on the speed in which WikiSuite advances.


M. Laporte