Netify Features

Device Discovery

Continuously identifies devices on the network by MAC, vendor and OS which can then be assigned to a user/group or tagged.

Protocol Detection

Is peer-to-peer file sharing causing bandwidth stress? The deep packet inspection engine detects and manages over 160 protocols.

Application Detection

Take control of unwanted traffic on your network. You can detect and block apps like Facebook, Netflix, Snapchat, and many others.

Malware Detection

When a device on your network connects to an unfriendly corner of the Internet, the cloud-based Netify engine will let you know.


Is your VoIP call suddenly breaking up? Find out what devices on your network are increasing latency and consuming bandwidth.

DNS Reports

Lions and tigers, and porn, oh my. Netify uses a blacklist with millions of categorized domains that can be used to implement policy.

Connection Tracking

Find out what every device on your network is doing. You may also be surprised at where unsolicited connections originate from.

Mobile Companion

Need to block peer-to-peer file sharing right now. The Mobile Companion is your own private "remote control" for your network.